IIT Madras Invites Applications for Artificial Intelligence Fellowships, Salary up to Rs 18 Lakhs Per Year

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IIT Madras fellowships.

IIT Madras in collaboration with the Narayanan Family Foundation has invited applications for fellowships in artificial intelligence for social good at the Robert Bosch Centre for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (RBCDSAI). The application will be open to researchers in artificial intelligence who are interested to apply their expertise for social good.


Through this initiative, which is being funded by the Narayanan Family Foundation, the Indian Institute of Technology Madras aims at attracting recent PhD graduates or early career researchers in computer science, computational and data sciences, biomedical sciences, management, finance and other engineering branches with exceptional academic qualifications to RBCDSAI. The Narayanan Family Foundation Fellowship in AI for Social Good will pay a salary of Rs 15 to 18 lakhs per year for three years to selected candidates. Furthermore, fellows will also be eligible to draw a one-time research grant of up to 30 lakhs.

Important Points on the IIT Madras Artificial Intelligence Fellowships?

Applicants need to note the following important details prior to submitting applications:

  • Researchers, once selected, will be expected to conduct their independent research under the mentorship of RBCDSAI in the area of Artificial Intelligence for Social Good.

  • Fellows will be provided access to high-end compute infrastructure and datasets at the centre.

  • This fellowship is not the same as the Post Baccalaureate Fellowship of RBCDSAI, and fresh applications need to be submitted for the Narayanan Family Foundation Fellowship in AI for Social Good through a separate Google form.

  • The fellowship amount received by researchers will be equivalent to an Assistant Professor’s starting salary at any IIT.

How to Apply for IIT Madras Artificial Intelligence Fellowships?

Applicants will have to fill up and submit the Google form provided by the centre, and some of the details required are as follows:

  • Personal details such as email address name, personal address, and so on. The name and photo associated with the applicant’s Google account will be recorded when files are uploaded and the form is submitted.

  • Educational qualifications such as PhD, Master’s and Bachelor’s and details related to that.

  • Curriculum vitae, open source contributions, and pdfs of three publications of the applicant.

  • Proposed research statement in the field of artificial intelligence for social good in pdf format.

Those who wish to apply for the fellowships can fill up their details in the form provided by the institute.

IIT Madras fellowships

IIT Madras fellowships

IIT Madras fellowships

IIT Madras fellowships

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