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Industry: Management
Location: Srinagar

FIL Industries Private Limited.

We are Hiring

Positions: ASM /AM for Crop Protection Division and WSF (Water Soluble Fertlizers) Division in

Kashmir /Srinagar Location

Job Description

Toensure achievement ofgiven sale budget of Crop Protection in allocated Region

To ensure achievement of paym ent collection as per crite ria

To ensure percolation ofpricing and commercial sche mes as perthe given structure

Toensure business growt h with existingand new addition of custom ers.

To ensure proper a ction plans to establish new product launch.

FIL Industries Private Limited

Tomonitor, marketing and product develo pme ntal activities in the given periphery.

Toshare desired monthly/Wee kly/Fortnightly reports with full of authe nticity.

To ensure complete use of allotted resources, Manpower, promotional inputs etc.

To keep regular touch with key customers supe rvising ongoing sale, payment activities.

To increase the business breadth and depth by entering untapped/key areas of the allotted


To responsible for teamtraining, monitoring their activities

To ensure submission of all the market related information like competitor's activities,

movement of products, crop information, forecast etc.

Qualification-BSc /MSc Agriculture

Experience -7-10 Years in relevant Industry and within Kashmir /Valley

Compensation -As per Industry standa rds

Kindly share your resume at [email protected] with subject line ASM /AM for Crop Protection Division

and WSF Division in Kash mir /Srinagar Location

FIL Industries Private Limited

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