GOVERNMENT MEDICAL COLLEGE, SRINAGAR Advertisement Notice No. 10 of 2022

Industry: Healthcare
Location: Srinagar

GMC Srinagar Jobs Advt no 10 of 2022.


10-Karan Nagar, Srinagar Kashmir, 190010

Phone No.0914-2504114 Fax No 0194-2503115

Advertisement Notice No. 10 of 2022


Applications on prescribed format are invited from Medical Graduates for full time House Job in various specialities of Government Medical College Srinagar and

its Assodated Hospitals.

The Selection of the candidates will be made as per the Guidelines prescribed by the Goernment, subject to the amendment by the Government from Gime to

time.Preference will be given to those candidates who are completing one year's internship upto 31.01.2022 (fresth batch).

Only those candidates willapply who will hawe permanent Registration certifikate from the JKMedical Council or Medical Council of India, otherwise their candi

dature will not be entertained

Candidates interested in applying for House Sturgeon positionsat Govemment Wedkal College, Srinagar should download the applkaton form from Govemment

Medical College, Srinagar website www.gmKs.eduin between 10.01.2022 to 31.01.2022 orcan be collectfrom Photostat Section of Gaernment Medical College,

Srinagar. The application form should be accompanied with a bank receipt for 200-(Rupees Two Hundred Only) from JRK Bank, branch, GMC, Srinagarofaccount

No. 7655. Applikation forms complete in all respects should reaxh the office of the Registrar Academłcs upto 31.01.2022. The application forms shall be accompa-

nied with copies offollowing certihcates

GMC Srinagar Jobs Advt no 10 of 2022

1. MBBS Degree Certificate

2.Marks certificates from 1s to final year MBBS

3. Intermship completion certifkale.

4.MCUJK Medical Council Registration Certificate.

5. Atempt Certificate

6. Merit Certificate, if any.

7.certifcate ofexta-curicularactitiessport, fany isued bythe campetent

8. Domkcile Certificate.

9. Afhidavit

The selected candidates shall be paid monthly stipend as admissible under Gowenment Rules

All the selected candidates shall be required to subnit an affidavit duly attested by Judicial Magistrate to the effect that-

1. he/she willnot leave the Hause Job midway and willserve for the tenure period of atleast 06 months. In the eventofhis/herleaving the.House job midway, a

candidate shall be equired to refund the stipend already him/her on this account and no experience certificate under any circumstances shall be


2.he/she shall not indulge in any kind of strike during the period of his/her tenure engagement In the event he/she proceeds on strike, his/her tenure

engagement shall be teminated withoutany notice as this servke ls covered under ESMA t

3.hel'she shall remain disciplined during the tenure period, any kind of misconduct by him/her would be liable for temination without any prior notke.

4.he/she is not involved in any criminal activityor there is no FIR pending or registered in any criminal department or polike station against him/her.

Noled: The doctor who are already pursing House Job in this college and have completed afleast six months as House Surgeon in this College are abo advised to






Principal Dean

Govt.Medical College Srinagar

GMC Srinagar Jobs Advt no 10 of 2022

GMC Srinagar Jobs Advt no 10 of 2022

GMC Srinagar Jobs Advt no 10 of 2022

GMC Srinagar Jobs Advt no 10 of 2022

GMC Srinagar Jobs Advt no 10 of 2022

GMC Srinagar Jobs Advt no 10 of 2022

GMC Srinagar Jobs Advt no 10 of 2022

GMC Srinagar Jobs Advt no 10 of 2022

GMC Srinagar Jobs Advt no 10 of 2022

GMC Srinagar Jobs Advt no 10 of 2022

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