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the fin : 09-10-2021

Applications on the prescribed format are invited from the (in-service/ Non-PC doctors) eligible candidates for the post of following various categories of

Registrar/demonstrator (on tenure basis) for 500 Bedded New pediatrics Hospital, Gwenment edical College, Sinagar. Howver, the series of Non Psc

candidiates shall be hired on Academic Aangement basiI5 under s.0. 364 of 2020 Dated. 27-11-2020 and the PsC confvmed candidates shall be governed by

the reevant rules as envisaged the k Lil Servce kiules 199,nially or a penod ot one year ertendabie upto us years subject to better perormance or

the candidate dunng their l'and 2 years of engagement, which can be obtained from the respecbve HoDs after complebion ot i" and 2 yearof Regstrarship,

dS the cdse nmay De:



Essential Quaificaton

Weonatoiogs Neonatal Div. M.D/DNB Paediatrics from an instiution duly recogrized by the Medca (ounci of lndãa. DM Neonatology'DNB Neonatology sh all be gven

Pediatikc Anesthesia

MDIDNB Anesthesis fhom an instution duly recogized by the Medcal Council of Ináa

Note:-Pheference wil be guen to higher Qualihaticns

Pediatric Surgy

Pediatric Radiodagnosis & MD Radiodagrosis & Imaging from an institution duly recogniaed by the Medkal Coundil of india.


MS Surgey from an inthubicn duly Rcogniaed by the MC., M.CH Pedatic Surgery / Dhe Pedatic Šurgey shalbe given preference

Note-Preference will be gEn to higher dualihcations

For edical Persans:-M.D/DNB in Miaobislogy/Bactericlogy from an instibution duly recogrized by the Meical (oundd of tndia

Pediatric icrotiology For Non Medical persons:- P.D/D.Scin Medial Miaobiolbg/Meácal Bacteriology from University duly recognied by universitly

utans Lommission,

6Pediatric 0phthalmologyMSDNB Ophrthalmdlogy from an institution dulyrecognized by the Medical Counil of hda.

Pediatric Orthopedc MSONEMCH Orthopedk fiom an institurion duly recognaed by the Medkal (oundil of lnda.

Pediatric Nephrology

M.D.Pedatrics from a teaching insitution duly recognied by the Medikal Courcil of Inda. DNVDNB Pedistris Nephrology shal be giwen


Pediatic Cardokgy

MD.Paedatic trom a teahing hstitution duly recogniaed by the Medial Ccund of idia. DM/ONE Paediatic Candidlogy shal be gben


MD. Paediatris from a teaching hstitution duly recogniaed by the Medial Ccundl of india. DM DNB Paediatic Neurology shal be given


GMC Srinagar Kashmir

10 Pediatric Neurology

1 Pediatik GstroesteroogsMD.Pediatric homateaxhirg linstitulian daly recogniaed by the Medial Coundl of indis DM/ONB Pediatrik Gistroesterokogy shallbe given |


For medical Persons: MD/ONB in mEdial Bio- Chemistry from an insthuabon dlyrecogized y the n

For Non Medical persons: Ph DIDSC in Medal Bio-ChemSY Trom Unteraiy ieDleu uns2

12Pediatic bochemistry

Candidates Interested in apping tor RegistraiDemonstratorS posts at (Govemment Wedkal (ollege. sinagar should download the respectwe a0plication

om om owernmen Medical colege. inagar ecsite berween -10-2021to 2010-2021or the same may De coiecredrom

the Photostat section or bovermmemt eIal cclege snnagar. ihe applicabon toms snouild be accompanied with a non-etundabie bank receipt ofR5.JUD

upees three hundred on from J&K Bank, CM, Srinagar jaccount No. 76351. Application forms complete in all respects should reach the ofhce of the

Kpsiar HKdoems uplo 20102021.

Incomplete aplication forms) in any respect or not attxched with relevant certficates shallbe rejeded without further communications.

For in service (PSC confirmed) candidates

o dtar hall be paid salary as per their L

Aoplicants working in Heath and Medical Éducation Department are required to submit their application forms along with No 0bjecton Certhate from

heir parent Department without which their application forms shall not be entertained as envisaged in Government order No. 164-HME of 2012 Dated.


Those PSC tonfrmed doctors who have already completed their tenure as Registra/Demonstrator in any disdipline need not to apply and their applicaticn

forms shall not be considered.

For Non-PSC candidates

The Non PSC doctors shall be paid stipend as per under s.o. 364 0f 2020 Dated. 27-11-2020.

he application forms should be accompanied with the following selfattested copies of the documents:

MBBS/Diploma/MD/MS/DNB/MCh./0M qualihication certihcates of the respective specialty.

intenship certifhcate.

MCI/state Medikcal council Registration certifhcate

hysical active feld service certifcate after PCRural senvice prior to PC certiicate šsued by the Director, Health servikes, Jammu/Washmir in respect of

n-service doctors.

Attempt certiñcate 1, 2nd. pre-fnal and Final wBBS examinaticons issued by the University of Kashmir coxerned.

stinction/Natonal Schclarship/Honors/Medals/Academic Ment certihcates.

House Offhcer IHouse job) experience certihcate issued by the Principal concerned or equivalent recognized authority.

bploma certincate/postgr aduate degree certihcate

Date ot Birth certihate

Professional publikations in a standard medical joumal, if any.

The candidates has to produced an Affidavit duly attested by the Judical Magistrate dedaring that:

he applicant has not done Registrar-ship/St. Residency earfier within or outside JaK Union Territory (only for PSC confimed candidates).

he'she is a Non-PSC candidate (the infomation if found wrong he/she shll be punished under Rules) (only for Non-PSC candidates).

fhe selected candidate has to submit an affidavit to the effed that he/she is not on the rolls of any Medical Colleges/Institutions of the country which i

rerequsine in terms of MU norms.

Maximum age for eligibility to apply shall be 50 years as on 01-10-2021

The Competent Authorty resenves the right of any amendment, cancellation and changes to this advertisement as a whole or in part without assigning any

reason or giving notice.

The decision of the competent authority regarding selection of candidates wil be final and no representation will be entertained in this regard.

separate application fom is to be filled for eah post and fee is to be deposited separately for each post, applied for.

10. in ase of any decdaration by the candidate is found false r if the candidate has willfuly suppressed any material/infomation relevant to his/her

appointment, his her selection will be cancelled ab-intio liable for action as waranted under rules.

11.candidates meeting the eligibility criteña and producing allthe presaribed documents will be interviewed.

12. The selected candidates shall have to execute an agreement that he/she wil not leave the Department before the completion of Registraship/

Demonstratorship term, however abandoning/terminating of the artangement in the Specalty will require one menth prior notike on either side Tailing

whidh the salary shall not be paid for one month to the incumbent which shall always remain in deposit with the Department and shall be released on

completion of sanctioned tem. The selection of the candidates will be made on the bass of combined academic

meit and performance at the interview

However, Advertisement isued by this office vide Notice No.07 of 2021 Dated.

08-10-2021 ssued vide Endorsement No. ARIMORD/Adv/1872-90/MC Dated. 08-10-2021 shall be

treated as ancelled in ab-intio.

No TA/DA will be admssibie for appearing in meriew.

NO: AR-MCRD/AdV/1903-13


ae.u 09-10-2


Govermment Wedical Lolege


GMC Srinagar Kashmir

GMC Srinagar Kashmir

GMC Srinagar Kashmir

GMC Srinagar Kashmir


GMC Srinagar Kashmir

GMC Srinagar Kashmir

GMC Srinagar Kashmir

GMC Srinagar Kashmir

GMC Srinagar Kashmir

GMC Srinagar Kashmir

GMC Srinagar Kashmir

GMC Srinagar Kashmir




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