Freelancer Enterprise hiring ReactNative Developer (Remote)

Industry: IT/Computers – Software
Location: Remote/Online

React native jobs remote.

  • Built at least two web or mobile applications with ReactNative. 

  • Built backend code for at least two web or mobile applications using Nodejs/Javascript/Express.  

  • At least two recent projects involving databases (Postgres/ rds aws) 

  • Comfortable working with our tools: AWS, RDS, GitHub, Jira, circleCi, Docker. 

  • Experienced with CI/CD and comfortable with shell scripting. 

  • React native jobs remote

  • Worked on large-scale projects and has experience scaling the product to multiple regions and countries. Eligible for appropriate grades of seniority based on background experience and competence levels.  

  • Aligned with our principles: agile, customer-centric, scrum, service-oriented architecture, self-organization, transparency and sustainability. 

  • Excellent written and oral communication in English. 

  • Full-time availability for 4 months (Part-time not an option).

  • Should be available to work during Singapore time zone.

  • Remuneration: $20-$25 per hour, depending upon the relevant experience.

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React native jobs remote

React native jobs remote

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