Srinagar Smart city Limited Advertisement No. 03SSCL of 2021

Industry: Engineering
Location: Srinagar

SSCL Srinagar.

Office ofThe ehief ExeCUtive Oiicer

Srinagar Smarttry Llimited

A J&K Govemment Undertaking)

1 Floor, Budshah Building, Lal chowk, Srinagai U20200K20175Gco10107)

Advertisement No. 03 SSCL of 2021; Dated:09/08/2021

Applications are invited for the appointment of the following post on contractual basis in Srinagar Smart City Limited (SSCL) to be

Stationed in Srinagar city

No. of Position


Total Minimum

Experience an

Maximum ARO

Minimum Qualifications


Gen /


inoerine from a

inclasive of all alowances


recognized unversiyY

perks, taxes etc-)


Maximum age lmit: 65



Fnee/Hvdraics Fpgel

Water resources

At east0 years ot experience in civil projects/ water resource projects/urban designing projects/

hydraullc projectts

Experlence Required

SSCL Srinagar

Should have experience of review ot engineering drawings, engineering detalls, [email protected]'s, estimates,

ndrPrepaaon, ete

ce of site supervision, quality control, site grading, team management,

schedulng, etc. ot large projects.

o nave expernence in contract management, contract preparatton, Dia process management

Applicant shouid be retir

retired as State/ Central Govt employee he/she should have held the position

of C.E./Equlvalent before retiremen

Marks tor tultlng mininmum qualtication ax)

For additional Quact o iCentre / State level PMU/ PMC/ULBs/ PSUs-25 (Max- 2 tor

selection criteria

**or tente State level PMO7 PMc7 ULBS/ PSUs-25 (Max-2 for

each year)

For having Experience as Head ot Deptt-S (Max* >tor each year)

nterview-sO Marks

other Terms and Conditions:

1. The appointment shall be purely on contract or deputation basis for a period of 1 Year only extendable further for two more

vears subjeet tohe requirement orSand satisTactory penormance or tne selected candidate.

2. The Candidate shall be posted in Srinagar city.

sCL with 01 Month notice

with remittance of one Month pay in lieu thereof

Further, if a candidate wishes to leave the services of Srinagar Smart City Limited, he/she shall have to give one month's noticee

or remtance oone months salary in ieu hereo.

a. The candidate shall have to give an undertaking that he/she shall abide by the HR Policy of ssCL and other Policies and

5. Candidate s

smisseayremoved/compusory ree Dway or punisnmen rOm the service ot any ubc vate >ecor ondertaking or

from Government Department and that he/she has not been declared insolvent by any court.

have to submit a.declaration that he/she has not been charged/ convicted by the Hon'ble Court nor

" ****** dy e TO Turtheer extensiOnyabsorption in ssL or

J&K Government beyond 1 year of his service in SSCL.

The application for the post should be enclosed with certificates, CV and requisite documents along with the Biodata in the below

menuoned format:


Duly self-attested

recent Coloured

ane win te (e-g- Mr.iMrs./Ms./Dr.)

passport Size

photograph to be

arontago -


04. Date of Birth (DD/MMYYYY):


O6. ormanent Add


08. Mobile No.



Domicile Certificate No.

12. ducatOn

Starting with the position list in reverse order for every qualification)



Yoar of Paasing

13. EXperionco

Starting with the position list in reeaeder every employment held since graduation

S.No. Employer (Name. AddressPerod (rom EXperlence in Assignment ang Designation




S.No.I SkilI acquir

Institute/College/University vdlef Expertise



a. That I have not been charged/convicted from anytcou

b.Thathave not been dismissed/removed/compulsorily retired by way of punishment from any public undert aking or

That I have not been declared as insolvent by any co urt.

d. ano depiartmentnguiry. vigance case or rimiai case is pending against me

That1pdersianedceti that to the hestof

qualifications and my experience. I understand that any wilful mis-statement describes herein may lea d to my

irms and declares as under:

my knowledge and belief, this application correctly describes me, m

disqualification or dismissal if engaged.

(Signature of the candidate



Contact No.:


The application form shalreach the office ot Srinagar Smart City Ltd.; 1st Floor, BudshahBuilding. Lal chowk, Srinagar; by or before

Only those who meet the prescribed eligibility criteria need apply. if at any stage, it is found that the candidate does not meet the

prescribed ellgibillty criteria, he/she wil be disqualified.

hortisted candiadates sha De called tor imterviews on a date to be notied separately, NO TA/DA wil De provided to the candid ate

any application without assigning any reason and right to cancel fully/partia ly the selections.

APplicants are advised to visit SscL website regularly tor any update related to this advertisement.

ncomplete applications without relevant supporting enclosures will be rejected.

In case any mistake is detected in the selection process, SscL reserves the right to modify/withdraw/cancel any communication

Sd/- Chief Executive officer

Srinagar Smart city Limited


SSCL Srinagar

SSCL Srinagar

SSCL Srinagar

SSCL Srinagar

SSCL Srinagar

SSCL Srinagar

SSCL Srinagar

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