Urdu Transliterators Required (Remote)

Industry: Data Entry
Location: Kashmir, Jammu

Urdu Transliteration.

Must be located in India and authorized to work in this country! Must have excellent written and verbal communication in both English and Urdu. Please take time in writing a detailed bid, this is going to be the first step of screening.

Expected time/word - 15 to 20seconds per word Quality Expectation - 98%+ (Based on a sample of 3%)

Budget - Rs 1/word or Rs 150-200/Hours (Average time/word should not exceed 20 seconds)

Objective: The goal/objective is to romanize given texts. You will be given a word in Urdu and you have to write the same non latin word in English transcription. Like how the word is pronounced in Urdu, the same pronunciation should be written in English.

Rules to follow: -Prefer commonly used transliteration to an accurate phonetic representation.

For example, the romanization of "कम्प्यूटर" or "کمپیوٹر" is "computer" and not "kampyootar". -In particular, English origin words should use the correct English spelling. For example: ٹینس- Tennis but not Tainas -Please ensure that the correct spelling is used for words that are only spelled one way, or the most common/natural spelling for others.

-Please indicate if, in case, the native word is broken or spelling is wrong. (use comment section - usage expected to be minimal)

Urdu Transliteration

-Capitalization is not critical Interface of the tool:

-Numbers/words will be actively tracked

-Total time spent on the tool will be captured

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Urdu Transliteration.

Urdu Transliteration.

Urdu Transliteration.

Urdu Transliteration.

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