Have you heard about Auro Scholar? (Micro Scholarship Programme)

- Posted by on 10-Sep-2021 in Scholarships

Micro Scholarships.

Auro Scholar Programme offers online monthly scholarships for school students in India.
Students, now take 10 min curriculum-based quizzes and get INR 50 scholarship per quiz within 24 hours (INR 1,000 for 20 such quizzes).


Despite significant investment in education, the learning outcomes of Indian students are constantly on the decline for many years.

  1. 57.50% cannot do a simple division

  2. 40% can’t read a simple English sentence

  3. 25% cannot read a basic native language text


  • Student motivation to learn and parental engagement are the biggest stumbling blocks in education.

  • Auro Scholar, therefore, 'Builds merit’ instead of only 'Discovering merit' by incentivizing millions of wilful learners and their parents through micro-scholarships.

  • Students failing in their first attempt can retake the quizzes to win scholarships, thereby providing them learning nudges.

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micro scholarships

micro scholarships

mico scholarships

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