NIT Srinagar to host TEDXPoloView

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TED event in Srinagar Kashmir.


Srinagar, Oct 29: National

Institute of Technology (NIT)

Srinagar is all set to host the

TEDxPoloView event in

Kashmir on November 6 and

it will be its knowledge partner Around 20 noted personalities from across the

globe including J&K are

expected to participate in the

mega event.

TEDxPoloView had announced that the Department

of Training and Placement,

NIT Srinagar will be its

Knowledge Partner and it

will be held on 6th November

Director NITSrinagar, Prof.

(Dr:)Rakesh Sehgal said that

such events inspire the stu-

dents to accelerate in their

careers and are important

for all-around development.

TED event in Srinagar Kashmir.

TED event in Srinagar Kashmir.

"Life is challenging for so

many there are hurdles

everywhere and to overcome

them, there is a need for motivation. We have put together some inspirational stories

of success that will encourage

participants and will give

them new wings of success,

he said.

Registrar NIT Srinagar

Prof. Kaiser Bukhari said

over the past two years, the

outdoor activities were af

fected by the Covidi9 pan-

demic. They are mulling to

organize the TEDxPoloView

the event next week, in which

inspirational stories will be

narrated by the participants,

he said.

TEDxPoloView Srinagar

has been granted a license

by the TED Conference and

the event is scheduled for the

6th of November 2021 at the

NIT campus. It is the TEDx

event of Kashmir, which is

open to the general public.

The speaker's list will con-

sist of well-known names like

IAS toppers, International

Medalists, top-ranking officials, Artists, Scientists,

Journalists, and sports personalities including Yawar

Abdal, Sonam Lotus, Tajam-

ul Islam, Rifaz Wani, Dr MS

Khuroo, RJ Rafia, and others

as well.

Dr Obbu Chandra Sekhar

CHead, Training and Placement Department) said that

TEDx-like events motivate

and educate the younger

generation and more such

events should be organized

in the valley

We are expecting 200 participants for the mega event

and arrangements are being

finalized for the same. He said

some personalities from

Kashmir include Yawar Ab-

dal, Sonam Lotus, Tajamul

Islam, Rifaz Wani, Dr MS

Khuroo, RJRafia, and many


TED is an International

The conference is hosted every year

in major cities around the

globe wherein some of the

most influential people of

our planet share their ideas

related to  Technology, Education, Design, and every other

the field that exists.

TED also issues licenses to

communities, so that they

can bring a TEDConference

like events to their cities. These

independently organized TED

events are called 'TEDx events.

Some selected TEDx videos

are uploaded on the TEDx

Talks YouTubechannel with

32.6 Million Subscribers.

TED event in Srinagar Kashmir

TED event in Srinagar Kashmir

TED event in Srinagar Kashmir

TED event in Srinagar Kashmir

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