University of Jammu- The Gateway to the Future Education

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University of Jammu.

About The Milestones:

The University of Jammu provides world-class excellence in teaching, research, and knowledge transfer and making valuable contributions to the social and financial development of the region.

The University of Jammu Provides state-of-the-art facilities and opportunities for academic growth and research in modern areas, mainly applied nature and technology. The University of Jammu, located in the lap of mountains at the foothills of Trikuta, besides the river Tawi at an altitude of 1030 ft., is Jammu. This 'city of temples' has many locations flocked by people from every nook and corner.


university of jammu

The Quality of Education:

The University of Jammu offers quality education to the students, promoting their all-round advancement by participation in sports, extracurricular and other socially activities and including the skill of decision making and self-governing principles

The University of Jammu holds examinations, grants higher degrees, generates understanding, and confers various academic distinctions on individuals who pursue approved programs of study in the University or in constituent colleges/institutions approved for the purpose also for individuals who appear as external/personal candidates.



The University of Jammu, known as 'A+' Grade University by the National Assessment & Accreditation Council of India, came into existence in year 1969 vide Kashmir and Jammu Universities Act 1969 following the bifurcation of the University of Jammu and Kashmir.

The University provides instructions in such branches of learning as it deems fit and causes provision for research, developement and the advancement and dissemination of knowledge. The University stands for spiritual and material components in life, thirst for understanding, and virtue under the backdrop of holy peaks of Trikuta Hills.
It also confers honorary degrees or additional distinctions on individuals of exceptional caliber.

The University likewise admits, maintains, recognizes, affiliates colleges and other institutions. It is primarily a research, teaching, affiliating, and examining physique involved in promoting arts, technology, and additional branches of learning. The University is open to all classes and creeds with the sole objective to carry people from darkness to light.

Faculties in the University of Jammu:

Faculty of Life Sciences:
• School of Biotechnology
• Department of Botany
• Department of Environmental Science
• Department of Zoology
• Institute of Human Genetics

Faculty of Arts/Oriental Languages:
• Department of Buddhist Studies
• Department of Dogri
• Department of English
• Department of Hindi
• Department of Punjabi
• Department of Sanskrit
• Department of Urdu

Faculty of Sciences
• Department of Chemistry
• Department of Geology
• Department of Geography
• Department of Home Science
• Department of Physics
• Department of Electronics
• Department of Remote Sensing & GIS

Faculty of Education
• Department of Education
• Department of Physical Education

Faculty of Business Studies
• The Business School
• School of Hospitality & Tourism Management
• International Centre for Cross Cultural Research and Human Resource Management
• Department of Commerce

Faculty of Mathematical Science
• Department of Mathematics
• Department of Statistics
• Department of Computer Science & IT

Faculty of Law
• Department of Law
• The Law School

Faculty of Social Science
• Department of Economics
• Department of History
• Department of Political Science
• Department of Library and Information Science
• Department of Psychology
• Department for Strategic and Regional Studies
• Department of Sociology
• Department of Lifelong Learning

Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Music and Fine Arts

The University of Jammu endeavors to be an institution of excellence in education that constantly responds to changing social realities through creating and applying knowledge and contributes towards a pupil-centered and just society that nurtures innovation and protects dignity. The University of Jammu is aimed at the holistic development of pupils to handle the challenges of a globalized community.


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